The Most Important Things To Do When Moving/Relocating

When it comes time to move, to another state, city, or simply a better apartment in the same complex you currently live in, or even better, when moving in to your brand new home, there are some things you need to know.

First, you’ll need to know what you will place your belongings in. You will need cardboard boxes. You can get them at places like the Home Depot, Office Depot, or Staples. They come in different sizes, and durability.

The next thing you will need is a lot of packing tape. Make sure you get the strongest and most adhesive, to prevent it from ripping and not sticking to the cardboard. Make sure you don’t over pack the boxes. We mention this for two reasons 1) They may be too heavy for you to pick up 2) They may rip as you pick them up and everything will drop on the floor.

With that being said,another form of precaution is to purchase bubble wrap to protect any dishes, glass, and fragile items from breaking. You don’t want to be moving to a new residence, just to find out you also have to purchase a whole lot of items, because you didn’t prepare well enough.

One pet-peeve of mine, is not knowing where things are. Even on my computer, and google drive, I have everything labeled. For this reason, you’re going to need labels. If you’re packing light and don’t have many things, then it won’t be hard for you to know where you packed everything. But, if you have a lot of things and want to unpack certain objects first, it will be essential you purchase labels or markers to mark each box with “Kitchen”, “Bathroom”, “Living Room”, “TV Stuff”, etc.

Now, lets get into the systematic approach of packing and unpacking.

1) Pack in advance: This is a no-brainer. If you get one week to move, or three days to move, make sure you’re not packing on the final day. This will prevent you from rushing, stress, and possibly breaking things.

2) Pack the least important first: Pack the unimportant first, since this will be the last thing you take out, at your new location.

3) Pack in sections: Pack one room at a time.

4) Throw away: Get rid of things you don’t need, or won’t use.

5) Don’t over pack your boxes: Have a limit of 30lbs or less.

6) Label: Label each room, or box of things to make it easier when unpacking.

7) Stack by weight: Stack the heavier things at the bottom of your carrying vehicle.

We would all prefer our objects to move themselves when we’re relocating, but we don’t have this technology yet. So, we have to rely on our brain, and body to make things easier. Make sure you pack before the final moving day, get all your materials ready, don’t over-pack your boxes, and you’ll be in your new home without worry.


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